2,000th patient treated at state-of-the-art cataract eye centre

The Northern General Eye Centre, which was opened by Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust less than nine months ago, has treated its 2,000th patient.

Trevor Marshall, of Shire Green, had been suffering with blurry vision in his right eye for the past few years.

The 82-year-old, who used to work as an electric furnace operator before he retired, says the cloudiness left him unable to read, and he used his better left eye to compensate.

Following a regular diabetes eye screening check at the Royal Hallamshire Hospital, he was referred for cataract eye surgery at the Northern General Eye Centre and couldn't believe he was the 2,000th patient.

Trevor said: "The day of my operation the surgeons treated 14 other patients so I was a bit surprised to be told I was the 2,000th patient.

“As soon as I had my surgery I could notice an immediate difference, and my vision is really clear now. 

“I’ve got 20/20 vision in my right eye now so it is actually better than my left, I can read without spectacles and I can tell when the camera is focused when photographing wildlife.

“The Northern General Eye Centre is an absolutely amazing place. The staff were excellent, really cheerful and helpful. I would definitely give the centre ten out of ten, and anyone whose got cataracts should definitely go as I can see better following my cataract eye surgery.”

The Northern General Eye Centre opened in May 2018, and is a purpose-built centre providing dedicated care and treatment to NHS patients needing cataract surgery, the most commonly performed operation on the NHS.

As well as specialist ophthalmic assessment and surgical facilities, patients visiting the Centre receive their outpatient consultation, all diagnostic tests, pre-operative assessment and consent processes for surgery completed in just one visit, saving unnecessary hospital visits.

Carolyn Wilkie, Operations Director for Head and Neck services at Sheffield Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, said: “It's a real landmark to have treated our 2,000th patient in our purpose-built centre. Cataracts are the leading cause of blindness, and this milestone is great recognition of the fantastic efforts of our team who provide high quality care, with excellent visual outcomes, to every patient who walks through our doors.”

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